Wednesday, May 25, 2016


For my self portraits, used multi-layer and reflection. Both multi-layer and reflection designs were the two of my favorite styles through out this semester. For the two multi-layers I added a spider to give the perception of its largeness and for the other layer I put an album cover on face as to alter the texture of my face. For the reflection, I had myself point to give the perception of pointing at myself. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Final Best of Series

All the images here are generally made up of layers of photographs to give the perception of a different texture or to add more to the original image. The first four images containing spiders and the face of Donald Trump were meant to present a giant monster theme, by putting Donald Trump and spiders in the background it was easy to make them appear large amounts the other elements in the environments, like buildings. For the next two images I used the same effect like I did with Donald Trump and the Spiders, but with buildings. The last four images contain a total reshaping in the original textures by layering an image that would change the texture of the road or sky.   

Friday, May 20, 2016

Series #3

For this series I still had my focused on putting images in the background so they appear to be apart of the background and it being on a large scale. Also in this series, I included adding in textures so it can reshape the images original texture. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Batch #2

For this series of Jerry Uelsmann type photography, I focused on adding images that are edited to appear large in the background. In some images I left some shades of color in order to be abstract with the inserted image.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Batch #1

For this series, I was inspired images based off of Jerry Uelsman. His images are layered to make it look like different objects are in one photo. The photos I took are either two subjects are being combined in a textural format or where the two are acting as separate entities in one image. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2 Portriat

 Olivia's portrait is a throw back to the 1950s. By using a filter on pic-monkey I was able to use it to make the image appear to have existed since the 1950s.
 Sam's portraits are background based theme. I had Sam stand behind a white wall so I can put a thick background with a lot of values so it would look like that Sam is standing in a actual there with the background. 
 Bella's portrait is make black and white values stand out. For this image I focused on making the image brighter so all the facial features standout more. 
 Liberty's portrait is based on being surrounded with architecture. For this piece I had Liberty stand near the window to get a better view of geometric arrangements on the building. 
 Maddie's portrait were model posses. With some exposure enhancing I was able to make the tone of her skin appear smooth.
Nina's portrait is a close up image of her eye and which I edited to make the black and grey values stand out more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Ade's portrait focus on objects in motion. With a dark overlay it the subjects in the image unidentifiable. I moved in a half circle to get image with a one second shutter speed.   
 Alex's series was biased on work by J.R. For this portrait I took a picture of Alex's eye and I layered it on a brick wall to give the image that it has been painted on the wall.
 Brian's series contains urban environments so I had Brian literally be among an urban setting to emulate living in a urban environment.  
 Isaac's series was about painting light by capturing the movement of light on shutter speed. I took this photo in a dark environment so the different types of color stand out as it moves in a revolution while Isaac swings the light source.  
 For Maddie's
 For Quentin's portrait surrounds a black and white frame so I had the image centered and I edited so his facial features stick out. 
Ruby's portrait contains clip art images that interact with the environment surrounding in the image. I added two clip art images that are interacting with Ruby, she and the silhouette are observing an other silhouette climbing up the wall.